ECLECTICA LTD S.A. is truly a mobile App company with technology constituting our core DNA. We are an International App development company with locations in the Americas and European regions . Our greatest asset is our employees. We have diverse representation that is anchored by our experienced App development team that is supported with expertise in the areas of sports representation, International business development, and the IT industry. At Eclectica, we are always leading the way by staying in tune with tomorrow’s technologies. We focus on putting your brand at the forefront of the current mobile revolution with solutions for the modern and constantly evolving mobile e-universe. Taking individualized approach and rejecting the notion of 'one size fits all' ECLECTICA LTD S.A. provides custom solutions to it partners in areas of mobile, e-commerce, social media as IT developed.

By participating as a partner ECLECTICA LTD S.A. goal is to develop and build viable mobile product and solution to it partners. Without need to 'sell' or charge for it services we off business risk from the partner and share in the long term business grow.

As a high end mobile developer and IT solutions provider partners receive the high level mobile and IT software solutions including the management.


Coming to potential client and interested partner not to sell but to be a partner. Taking existing brand to mobile universe, developing a custom solution and creating a viable long term mobile business strategy incorporating all aspects of existing business, including both digital as non-digital operations.

Working only with exclusive partners ECLECTICA LTD S.A. provides it services at NO COST to it partners, including but not limited to mobile development, management and consulting services. Future more guided by our partnership philosophy we bring forward a revenue income generating strategy based on revenue share model (classic 50% revenue share) for the mobile products.


Get Your Mobile App And Be A Part Of Growing Mobile Industry.